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How to: Sustain company culture whilst working remotely

What is company culture? It refers to the attitudes and behaviours of a company and its employees, the values they hold and the decisions they make.

Upkeeping your company culture whilst working remotely has created a lot of change for companies as it has led them to find other ways to uphold it without being based in an office environment.

Employees are often based in different locations, and it can be challenging to sustain a good work culture when communication isn’t so simple.

So, where can your company start in ensuring company culture is sustained when remote working? Let’s find out…

Hold weekly catch-up calls

Remote working takes away the daily contact teams which can lead to a lack of employee communication and check-ins.

When this happens employees may be left feeling less valued, struggling, or forgotten about. Overall, causing a potential disdain to the company and a loss of understanding of company values.

To prevent this, hold check-ins and not just by dropping your employees a message, but call them. Schedule calls in regularly to ensure your employees know that you value them and want to keep them updated on their progress.

So, whether it’s an individual or group call, place them weekly.

Make employee wellbeing a priority within your company culture

Your company culture shouldn’t just centre around work ethic and productivity. You need to prioritise their wellbeing, as this is the way the rest of your company culture expectations will be sustained.

Create an employee focused environment. Start discussions, hold one-to-ones, provide support and make resources available to your employees.

By making sure their wellbeing is good then it will help the rest for all into place and show your business has a positive culture.

Use the right technology

A good company culture relies on good communication, especially with working remotely. In fact, it’s even more important in this case!

Therefore, the technology you use needs to support this and make it easy for your employees to communicate.

Ensuring the laptops and desktops you provide are in a good state and that the communication platform you use suits your business. It all needs to suit your business and the employees within it.

Maintain good communication on company values

It’s important that you clearly explain your company values and culture to your employees, so they understand the expectations you have as a business and show your support of them within the business.

Therefore, you should be communicating this to any new starters and throughout where appropriate.

For example, your company culture encourages personal development, and your employee approaches a manager about wishing to progress. In line with your company culture, you should be communicating this message and supporting this where you can.

Establish company-wide initiatives as part of your company culture

As part of your company culture, it’s key to make your employees all feel included. This can be difficult with remote working because of employees not being solely office based.

One solution for this is to have company-wide initiatives. Not only do these represent your company values to your employees, but it also creates a sense of inclusion.

It brings everyone together, not necessarily physically, but by providing one goal that they all have to work towards.

With all these suggestions it comes down to creating a company culture that provides support for all, even in a remote working environment. Without it, employee retention could decrease as employees feel compelled to leave the business.

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