Hello, we’re Olano!

We’re a specialist eLearning provider and content development agency, providing you with the solutions you need to solve your problems. Whether you’re looking to improve the onboarding experience, want to develop employees or just need training that works, we’ve got you covered.

Our Story

It all started back in 2012. Our team of consultants, designers and content writers formed to create NA Consulting, the trusted experts for all things L&D. Then in 2021, we rebranded and Olano was born – and we haven’t looked back since!

How have we evolved?

We were born in Sheffield and, despite the diversity in our team, have remained here ever since. It’s our home. That hasn’t stopped us though becoming a global eLearning provider though, and we’re proud to work with some of the world’s biggest organisations.

Whatever your problem, we’ve got the solution!

We understand that every business is unique in their own ways. Whether it’s a specific project you require or don’t even know where to start, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourslves on being a specialist eLearning provider, but but offer a range of other expert solutions too…

Our guiding principles

Curiosity: Our inquisitive nature means we take time to explore everything we do. We dig deep to get to the core of your organisation’s needs.

Creativity: We believe everyone is creative. We want to push the boundaries of Learning and challenge the norm.

Mutuality: From concept to delivery, we believe in a journey of cocreation. It doesn’t work without you, so we want to create lasting relationships through on-going two-way communication.

Integrity: We approach every project with authenticity and honesty. We don’t play the hero, we’re real people sharing our specialisms in an honest way.

The Olano team

Kris Randall

Digital Managing Consultant

Once the only designer in a team of consultants (10 years ago) he is now the manager of Olano. He has a background in transport design, but his wealth of experience lies in all areas of L&D.

Fun fact: First name isn’t Kris.

Rob Freeman

Lead Graphic Designer

Rob wanted to be a lorry driver growing up, however his passion for illustration and animation led him in a different direction. Rob has been with Olano since 2015 and specialises in eLearning and content design.

Fun fact: Owns 50+ Kinder Egg toys.

Ben Ibbotson

Senior Motion Graphic Designer

Ben has over a decade of animation experience. He feels most at ease in the middle of key frames making magic happen. Ben and After Effects go together like Batman and Robin!

Fun fact: I have made a hole-in-one!

Sheena Fraser

Digital Content Developer

Sheena took the scenic route to her dream job as a graphic designer, picking up complimentary skills along the way. She combines her knowledge from working in software with her love of creating eye-catching visuals.

Fun fact: Plays Roller Derby.

Elena D’Ippolito

Motion Graphic Designer

Elena waited years for a letter from Hogwarts, unfortunately it never arrived. So, she decided to follow her passion for drawing and animating and eventually became a motion graphic designer (she is still waiting for the letter though).

Fun fact: Once a month eats only sweets for one day

Alex Norris

Learning Content Writer

Growing up, Alex wanted to be a postman or interior designer, but eventually chose the Marketing path. But his desire to pursue a career in writing saw him join us as our Learning Content Writer.

Fun fact: Placed $100 bet on red in Vegas and won!

Matteo Cancellara

Junior Graphic Designer

Studying Illustration in the University of Derby, Matteo has an eye on anything in the creative industry, especially animation and Graphic Novels. He’s no stranger to pop culture and loves going to the Cinema.

Fun fact: His art was displayed at the Sheffield Millennium Gallery

Bruce Allen

Finance Director

Bruce is a very young (he insisted we added this) Grandfather & Chartered Accountant, who as well as being the Group’s Financial Director, has supported the Olano team with strategic perspective, as an agent for positive change.

Fun fact: Loves a quote – “He’s mad for it!”

Joanne Wilson

Marketing & Communications

Joanne’s experience means she’s the go-to for anything marketing related. Campaigns? Easy. Social Media? No Problem. She can do it all, which means that our external image will be top notch.

Fun fact: Completed the Three Peaks Challenge.

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