Classroom & virtual

For both classroom and virtual training we develop the presentations, supporting materials and all the tools needed to deliver a fantastic 1-to-many delivery from an expert.

Why classroom & virtual training?

Traditional classroom training still is a great way to train many delegates in one place. However, virtual training now offers a close alternative from remote locations.

The way we develop classroom and virtual training courses are done in a similar way. The main difference is the output and delivery method. With both modalities we offer bitesize or blending training solutions. This includes the creation and design of the presentations, delegate packs, reference materials, videos/animations, activities and interactive guidebooks.

For the facilitator we also create a guide to ensure a consistent delivery, every time. If the delivery is for a classroom environment, we also offer the development of posters, cards and table activity sheets to support any break-out sessions or group activity work. Similarly for virtual sessions we create digital versions.

Our bespoke solutions are client branded and reflect the culture and terminology of the organisation we are working with. We are specialists in learning and development therefore, we know what works and where to add value to any organisation. We assess the starting points of learners to ensure the materials are pitched correctly and suggest outcome improvements. For example, putting a specific exercise in at a certain point or testing in a particular way to ensure the knowledge understood by the learner and the right level of skills are gained.

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