Content development

Our Content Authors partner with your subject matter experts to write the perfect material.

Why we develop content?

Working directly with your subject matter experts means we can up skill and become an expert by extracting knowledge from the best!

This is traditionally known as knowledge transfer, taking the knowledge and expertise from the best expert in your business surrounding the topic of the training. This process sets us aside from a design agency in that we become experts in the topic area in order to correctly put together the content, interactions, storyboard, or whatever the modality or solution.

We elect one of our in-house content authors or utilise one of our specialist associate consultants to work on your project. Ensuring we fully understand the context so we can offer advice and alternate routes to the best solution. No matter whether the project requires an Engineer, Software Developer, Food Manufacturing Specialist, Continuous Improvement Consultant, Branding and Marketing Manager or any other specialism–no doubt we have someone from with our pool of associates which we can use.

This is all part of the Olano offer to our clients.

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