Case Study: Cyber Security

Making a dry subject engaging!

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Step 1

Cyber security was the topic area and the audience was broad, meaning that we had some work to do to ensure we keep all learners engaged, regardless of their technical expertise.

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Step 2

Therefore, we used metaphors, animation and lots of visuals to help make the content feel familiar and easy to understand.

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Step 3

Language was key to ensure the course made sense to the learners, enough to make them feel empowered and understand what their roles and responsibilities were.

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Step 4

The outcome was a short eLearning course (circa 25 minutes) which included a 2 minute video to set the scene, a dive into the history and some case studies to support the importance. From there we utilised lots of creative visuals to drive the messages.

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Step 5

A perfect example of great content combined with creative animations in a small package. Perfectly tailored towards the materials handling systems market.

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The situation

Some topics are easy to transform into an engaging piece of training but every so often you get a particularly dry subject which no matter which way you look at the content it will send some people to sleep.

Cyber Security was one of those subjects that doesn’t always naturally engaged people.

Prompts for Action

Using metaphors made it easier to deliver language which was understood by a wider audience. It was important to establish stories, the history and case studies to deliver drama and impact around the issues of Cyber Security. At all times referring to the client’s business to make the context relevant and familiar to the employee.

The element of history should be told using visuals or a moving timeline of events. Illustrations and characters would be a great way to do this.


It was important not to use complex language for those who do not have a software background whilst also ensuring software developers are kept engaged and reminding them that anyone or any business could be a target of a cyber-attack.

The main driver for the course was to empower and drive awareness surrounding the importance of how cyber security must be considered within all businesses today. It’s not only IT businesses, banks and governments that are targets for cyber-attacks anymore.

It extends much further than this!


The outcome was a 25-minute eLearning course, which contained a 2-minute video to set the scene. Additionally, we added animations to expand into the history which allowed for a deeper dive into the content.

We also thought a little out the box creating a metaphor which related the different cyber security levels, comparing the different devices and security systems you could typically install in your home to defend against intruders. For this we developed another interaction, a nice isometric house graphic. This metaphor was repeated later in the course used to compare other aspects of cyber security systems, which further aided the embedding of knowledge surrounding the subject.

All in all, a great solution which was well liked and highly rated by the learners.


The key to understanding a complex or unfamiliar topic is to simplify or familiarise the topic closer to home. In this case, literally your home.

For Olano courses that drive awareness and empowerment are a great opportunity to show what we can do to fully engage an audience, regardless of how dry the subject area may be.