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‘Learning in the flow of work’

Covid-19 has changed the way that many companies have had to work. Office life essentially being non-existent but, what has this really meant for businesses? Some have turned to learning in the flow of work…

Over the last few years online training has been increasing but, classroom training was still the preferred modality. Employees would be taken out of their working day and head into a room to learn with an instructor. The pandemic forced companies to find alternative measures due to lockdown restrictions. With face-to-face activities being completely restricted or minimalised, classroom training was no longer an option. This led to learning being predominantly online. However, businesses had found that their current training was not best suited for their employees.

Abstract found that despite the increased demand for digital learning 65% of businesses said that their current learning platforms were not fit for purpose.

Our services and solutions

At Olano we strive to create training content in a way where employees are ‘learning in the flow of work’. By that we mean being able to flexibly train during a working day. For instance, an employee has 15 minutes to train during work so, they complete a module in that gap. In some cases, it is possible to blend learning in with the work the employee is doing. The employee finds a task in the training that they save and take part in as they are about to carry out that related task.

Our team create bespoke content alongside your company. No matter the aim, we will always produce content that works for you, your environment, and your employees’ working days. Using our in-house software product Erango, learning has developed even further in what we can provide to clients.

Erango is mobile device friendly, so training no longer needs be done in such a traditional way. Instead in whatever way is accessible to the learner. The software goes the extra mile by including modular training and a tracking system that follows the learner’s progress. Most importantly, Erango has simplified learning for many and adapted perfectly for training in remote locations.

Industry 4.0

It’s especially important now, with factories and other companies already working in and moving towards Industry 4.0 technology. The Industry 4.0 movement has transitioned the way these companies work. It digitalises manufacturing and create smart solutions that help with efficiency. It involves a multitude of digital solutions:

  • Big Data
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Cloud Computing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Robotics

Some companies have already taken the plunge into Industry 4.0! Bosch used advanced data analytic tools at a diesel factory of theirs to connect machinery through sensors. They gathered data in real time that alerted workers to bottlenecks in production operations. It helped predict potential failures that allowed machines to run longer and contributed to more than a 10% output increase in certain areas.

This digital movement means that employees have transitioned from checking on machinery in person to watching operations over an iPad. This provides them with flexibility within their day to train, the only hurdle is in providing a format that works for them.

Over this time of the pandemic digitalisation of training has shown to be the answer, it’s easier for delegates to balance training into their day this way and for us it is the way forward!

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