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How to: Know if you need eLearning

It’s hard to know when or if your company should move to providing eLearning. It could be that you currently do not provide a lot of training, or only classroom training. However, since the pandemic it has become even more pressing to consider whether eLearning is the way forward for you.

As a team we come together and combine all our knowledge to share with you some hints and tips. This will gauge whether your company would need eLearning…

You have a large team in different locations

Are you a company that has employees based across different offices or that work remotely? If yes, then listen up!

There may be some training that all employees or a large number need to complete, however, classroom teaching might not suit that. When you have high numbers of employees spread across various areas it would be difficult to arrange, more expensive and quite time consuming. ELearning cuts out the confusion and simplifies it so that an employee can learn wherever, whenever is best within their working day.

You need to make complex work, concise

It could be that you currently provide classroom training but, you’re noticing that the content is quite complex. This leads to your employees becoming disengaged and not retaining the information. For information to be retained by the learner training should be shorter, more simplified and engaging for them. This is a common trend we are seeing due to the way we access information. A study even showed that our concentration span has dropped from around 12 seconds to eight seconds.

If you’re a company that has multiple complex courses, eLearning would be an extremely beneficial tool to have. Especially if these courses contained explainer videos to help with those topics which take a long time to explain by a trainer or in words. See our case study about this topic.

It would provide concise learning, simplified content through symbolisation and guarantee more engagement from the employees.

You want to reduce training costs

When you’re organising training in person you must firstly think about getting a high-quality trainer, any materials needed and potentially find a room to hire. These expenses can be quite costly and if training is regularly needed then the costs just tend to add up. However, if you are wanting to find ways to bring expenses down or simply ease organisation for yourself and others then moving to an online solution could be what’s needed.

ELearning not only voids the need of an in-person trainer, materials, and need for a venue but, also allows it to be rolled out multiple times if the training is used regularly.

You need a faster rollout to outsmart the competition

You could be a company that relies on employees knowing up-to-date product knowledge to stay ahead of competitors. Classroom training might be slowing you down. Good news, there’s a way to avoid this using eLearning. By using this modality, you can create training that is smart and yet fairly straight-forward to alter by us or yourself.

Also, eLearning can normally be worked to a strict deadline so can be created and distributed efficiently. As once it is checked and released it is ready to be accessed by the learner at their own convenience.

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