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Creating animation: A day in the life of an Animator…

At olano we are a team built up of specialists and experts within the Learning & Development industry. This wealth of combined knowledge from a variety of areas allows us to create the best learning content possible for businesses. We are able to use everything from animation to expert writing in order to meet our clients’ requirements.

However, to understand our expertise it’s beneficial to know what our team does and what a regular day-to-day workday looks like for them.

Olivia, one of our Graphic Designers, specialises in creating animation for businesses. She talks about a typical day in the life of an animator…

“I wake up in the morning, stretch my arms, get out of bed and feed my cats. Most of the time I’ll work in the office, just as I prefer it.

“I find I get more work done when I go in and it’s nice to socialise with the team and bounce ideas off each other. It takes about 30 minutes to get into the office, so I set my Spotify up and head in.

“When I get into the office, I’ll login to my computer and have a little scroll through LinkedIn. This is to see what’s been posted from the olano account and from this I will like, share or comment on those.

“I see what the rest of the company has been posting on their social media, then check our Trello board (Task Management System).

“I’ll see what tasks I’ve been assigned, what I’ve completed and where things are left from the previous day. From this I’ll also check my email for any further communication or any urgent requests.

“I receive animation work quite frequently, so when I am assigned one, I normally follow a similar process.”

Kris would first liaise with the client and then it goes to Catherine who organises the content. I’ll then make a storyboard, which basically is a visual showing each scene in the animation. It’s like a snapshot of that scene in the animation, then underneath it you’ll have what the audio is saying matching up to what is happening on the screen.

“The storyboard would then go to the client for review who can make any amendments. Once that’s complete, I’d start the process of illustrating all of the assets ready to start animating. When they are all drawn up, I begin the animation.

“Depending on the length of the animation, this process could take a week or so and we normally wait for voiceover before starting any of this. After the animation is finished it goes to the client, who provide feedback and I edit as required.

“When in the office, I usually go for a walk on my lunch. Sometimes with a colleague or alone, I really look forward to stretching my legs and getting some fresh air to reset my mind.

“Also, with animation being quite intricate, I think it’s important to take breaks and socialise with colleagues for my wellbeing. This allows me to continue being productive too.

“I like the challenges animation involves. Especially getting a final outcome that actually meets the requirements that the client wants knowing you’ve solved a problem for them. I get a lot of gratification from that.

“I probably finish the day off in a similar way to how I started. Check through LinkedIn and socials, the team Trello board and my emails. This allows me to see where tasks are left before the next day. Then I set off on the journey home!”

Looking to create engaging training?

Our animation expert Olivia has helped alongside others to produce high-quality learning content. This ranges from eLearning to Explainer Videos like the work for our sister brand Stafforce. If you’re looking for support in creating engaging training for your employees, find out what services we offer.

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