Case Study: Stafforce Onboarding Process

Making sales far more engaging!

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Step 1

We were tasked to revamp the client’s sales Presentation to be more interactive and less linear by bringing in video and animation.

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Step 2

The presentation had to have a mixture of video, animation and deep dive click throughs to create engagement that allowed flexibility for facilitators and different audiences.

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Step 3

With there being some quite complex topics such as, the onboarding process we had to create and embed explainer videos that allowed for large amounts of information to be condensed down into a more engaging format.

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Step 4

An interactive presentation with minimal text was created for this. Different paths and routes could be taken so that facilitators weren’t restricted, and we kept to the traditional presentation format to allow editability.

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Step 5

The project had some hurdles with so many factors to consider when blending virtual and classroom work, however, with the creativity of our expert team we were able to create a presentation that fit all needs.

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The situation

As part of a tender bid presentation, the client was wishing to take a less linear approach towards a sales presentation that they had.

Moving away from “death by PowerPoint” to a more interactive and engaging presentation that included animation and video. A way that could be opened up to the audience, providing flexibility in the way it is presented.

Prompts for Action

We regularly encourage the use of animation and video, therefore inspiring us immediately to create a more interactive solution for them.

Due to the competitive nature of sales pitching our recommendation was to keep the PowerPoint format in order to keep it classroom and facilitator friendly whilst heightening the engagement and interactivity using deep dive click throughs, animations and videos.

It was also important to keep it in line with the company’s branding to ensure consistency and memorability after pitching for potential clients.


We decided to keep text minimal within the presentation in order to step away from it being a generic slideshow and instead become more of an interaction. The knock-on effect of this was that in turn we had to find ways to display information that would have normally been quite complex to explain.

In particular, there was a large section centring around the onboarding process of the employee which often took the facilitator a long time to explain due to the technicalities of this. They were finding that due to the long windedness of the explanation audiences were becoming disengaged within minutes. The solution was to create a short video that encompassed all this information in a fun way, including characters, animation and explanations to make it easier to understand. This also provided the facilitator time to compose themselves for the rest of the presentation.

With this being a dedicated sales presentation, it meant that there was a need for the client to stand out amongst their competitors. We, therefore, had to ensure the animations in the PowerPoint created as much interaction as possible for both the facilitator and audience to promote the openness element that was required whilst keeping to the company’s branding and culture. Interaction was going to be the way to succession!


We ended up creating an interactive presentation consisting of different animations, deep dive click throughs and explainer videos capturing all the information the client wished to put out. This presentation was designed to have high impact and memorability on the client’s audiences whilst being concise and catchy, as such to ensure that no one was drifting away with their interest or becoming disengaged.

This modality of blending the use of video, animation and other digital tools into a classroom or in person setting is beneficial in providing large amounts of information in a short period of time and allows flexibility for editing by the facilitators.

We have also found that video is a better way for information to be retained which was one of the key aims of the sales presentations created.

And most importantly it took away any risk of “death by PowerPoint”!


One of the biggest challenges for us was to try and find a way to cater to every angle and flow of delivery as normally this can be extremely tricky. With there being the potential of multiple facilitators using this presentation as well as varied audiences we had to find a solution where it was flexible in its usage whilst keeping the interactive tone and client branded.

We decided that the best way forward was to keep the traditional format of a presentation so that it could still be easily edited by the facilitator and by incorporating the interactivity in a more flexible manner so that it didn’t always have to run in a specific order. This provided choice for both parties!

Also, with so many Subject Matter Experts involved this could create some communication barriers, so we always work towards having one point of sign off whilst listening to all the best and relevant people within the company.