March Monthly Round-up

March has been an uplifting month for us. We’ve been getting involved in various female empowerment campaigns and in one of the biggest charity events of the year.

Further projects have been rolling in as others are coming close to completion, finalising designs, and recording voiceover.

Over the last three months, we’ve had a flying start to the year with some exciting and creatively challenging activities.

This month in particular has been great for creating discussion on some important topics both internally and externally. There has been a key focus on continuing the efforts on improving support for women within the workplace.

Let’s dive into this month to find out what’s been happening in more detail…

Our Top 3 Monthly Projects!

Vulnerability Scanning

Over the course of March and into April Olano have been tasked with the development of a blended learning solution. This would cover the subject of Vulnerability Scanning on operational and IT based equipment. Developed for a highly skilled sales team, the knowledge gained from the eLearning and virtual sessions would be used to make clients aware of the possible risks of not scanning their equipment regularly.

Onboarding for Contractors animation

Some environments, such as food production environments will have additional restrictions in place. These, in the case of this client, need to be made aware to all contractors before they can receive their work permits.

No contractor will sit through short eLearning courses before they can commence with their work. Typically, they will be used to seeing a short video highlighting the basics. We have given this a fresher look by instead creating short 1–2-minute animated explainer videos. These covered topics such as Working at Height, Confined Space, Electrical Safety etc.

We envisage this project to grow into another idea we have, which we will share later.

Onboarding Program for operators

We have been working on a huge onboarding program for our client who specialises in pet care. The full onboarding process takes 90 days. However, we have reduced the delivery time of the first 30 days by 50% by transferring the theory into a large modular eLearning course covering 13 mini-modules.

This means the pre-existing 150-page PowerPoint introduction has now been evolved into a digital, bitesize, delivered consistently and a course available remotely.

The Team Round-up

During the first week of March, we got to celebrate International Women’s Day. In line with this we centred all our blog posts around female issues and empowerment.

We wanted to carry on from the day and show the importance of the topic over the entire month. Talking on topics such as, ‘How important is L&D for gender equality?’ to a Q&A with the ‘Women of Olano’.

On the day itself we participated in the ‘Break the Bias’ campaign, standing in solidarity with women both now and in the future. We shared our pledges moving forward on what we will do to help with the matter. As a team we pledge to continue improving, progressing, and supporting women towards creating an equal world for them.

Charity Events

It has also been a big month with us in regard to charity as one of the biggest charity days took place in the UK, Red Nose Day. The whole of Nicholas Associates Group gathered to fundraise for this important cause and overall managed to raise £150.

Our team got baking, dressed in red, and some even played in the charity pool tournament held in our Sheffield office. All of which helped gained donations for the appeal.

Sheena made cracking chilli chocolate vegan cake. Cath made some hot cross bun pudding and mint aero cookies. Cal and Olivia clubbed together to bring in an amazing madeira cake. There was barely any cake left by the end of lunch, they went down a treat.

We also had some success in the pool tournament. Catherine and Cal joined other colleagues across NA group in the competition. Although Catherine didn’t make it past the first round, Cal pulled it out the bag and won the tournament!

We expect to get up to more exciting things over the following months. Stay in touch via our social media.

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