February Monthly Round-up

During February we have centred what we do around kindness and caring for others. At Olano we have been promoting positivity amongst the team, wider group, and our clients.

We have been celebrating many successes! We have got involved with several new projects as the New Year’s buzz has continued throughout this month.

The celebrations haven’t stopped there. There has been many personal achievements and events that have brought positivity both in and out of the office.

We’ve really used all of February to boost everyone’s morale and show appreciation to our team and anyone involved. Now it’s time to jump into this monthly round-up and see what we’ve been up to…

Our Top 3 Monthly Projects!

Mental Health Awareness eLearning

Since 2022 brings us back to our life prior to COVID we need to remember and reflect on important matters such as dealing with and recognising mental health in the workplace. For one of our clients, mental health awareness has been an absolute need to be rolled out to all their staff. The eLearning course targets both those who could be suffering and those surrounding others who may need to support others suffering. The course includes lots of scenarios, characterising situations, and explains how to approach them.

Maintenance Engineers’ Work-logging and Tooling software training

This will be the 5th instalment in a series of eLearning courses specifically built to induct and train our client’s employees on how to use a bespoke piece of software used heavily within their industry. This has always been a tricky task that Olano has excelled in, turning a very dry topic into something engaging and lively. We love working with this team – you know who you are!

iDEC piloting in Food Manufacturing

One of our biggest clients has subscribed to the use of the iDEC product developed in partnership with Brightest Bulb. This is a 10-module expert level eLearning program developed to train people in using their smartphones to make professional videos. In this case, safety awareness videos will be the end product of the training. The pilot is running globally through the client’s corporate university. We are so excited to see what the delegates create from the training!

The Team Round-up

Nicholas Associates Group

At the beginning of February, Nicholas Associates Group came together for the Annual Conference. This year was particularly special as we were honouring the Group’s 45th anniversary.

During this event we talk about how the past year has gone as a company, future plans, and most importantly celebrate the successes and achievements of colleagues through an awards ceremony.

Three of our team were nominated for awards; Catherine for ‘Best Newcomer’, Cal for ‘Best Support’, and Olivia for ‘Going the Extra Mile’.

We also congratulated our manager, Kris who has now been with the company for 10 years and Cal, who reached his five-year milestone.

As a team we were extremely proud of all the nominations and achievements being recognised for our individual talents and lifting one another up.

However, there were not just team successes but, Nicholas Associates Group as a whole were rated two stars by Best Companies which is classed as an Outstanding achievement. This led to Group being ranked within the top 20 for Regional Best Company for Yorkshire & Humber and, even better were placed 20 out of 100 in the National 100 (Best medium-sized Company).

Congratulations to everyone for this, we couldn’t achieve this without you all!


We have also had two birthdays in February within the team. Firstly, it was Ali’s birthday then shortly after Olivia had hers.

At Olano we like to club together and use our creativity to give a little gift on birthdays. Ali definitely appreciated her passionfruit rum and Olivia was very impressed by the team’s wine choice.

As part of ensuring a team’s wellbeing is being looked after it’s important to show you value them by rewarding small successes and going the extra mile to show your appreciation which is why we hold such importance on taking part in these acts of kindness.

Finally, as we approached the end of the month we celebrated the completion of Catherine’s probation, our great new Learning Content Writer who has embedded well into the Olano team and the wider company.

We grabbed Catherine for a chat to see what she has learnt so far and this is what she had to say:

“I’ve developed so much new knowledge within the field of Learning and Development, since starting here.”

“In the last six months, I have improved further in my writing ability. It has given me the opportunities to explore different areas of the industry. From writing blog posts on varied learning topics and news pieces to storyboarding and writing eLearning courses.

“Overall, this has kept my creativity flowing and allowed me to explore different styles that I’ve never tapped into before. I look forward to learning and gaining even more skills in the future!”

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