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How to: Make your employees feel valued

You need to have a positive and upbeat working environment where your employees feel happy within their role. To ensure this they need to feel valued by you as a business.

This is not only important for employee retention but, also in a sense of caring for employee wellbeing.

By valuing employees’ work effort, and achievements it’ll ensure they feel more comfortable and motivated to develop within the business. This encourages a more positive mindset at work, and allows them to be open with any issues they may be having.

So, how do you do this?

We’ll share some our hints and tips on how you can ensure your employees feel valued by you…

Reward results and achievements

It’s easy to skip over successes within the team. However, those successes no matter how big or small need to be acknowledged.

It could be they have achieved a work-related goal such as, completing a large project or a training programme. Or, they might have participated in a personal challenge such as, a marathon or fundraising activity.

Show them your support and congratulate them on what they do! It seems a small ask but it is so easy to forget in the midst of day-to-day work.

Some examples are, sending an email to show your appreciation, buying a small gift, or simply verbally congratulating them.

Everyone loves to hear positive remarks and it often uplifts them to continue with their efforts!

Bring learning into the work culture

Learning is often perceived as a chore to many employees. Some may say a tick boxing activity where they don’t understand what they are gaining from it.

But what can you do about this?

The answer is to bring learning into your daily work culture. This helps make learning more enjoyable for the employee whilst providing a purpose.

By providing a purpose employees are able to see the value in their learning. This can then be reflected upon themselves to see how they’re valued as an employee.

The biggest benefit from bringing learning into your work culture is career progression. It often allows employees training flexibility and to work independently on their own progression without waiting for appraisals.

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Encourage career progression

As mentioned, encouraging career progression can make employees feel valued as it shows you believe they can move up within the company and have the room to continuously improve and strive to be the best they can be.

Bringing learning into your businesses’ daily work culture is one way of doing this, however, there are other methods that can be used.

Perhaps mention it during an employee’s appraisal or send emails with relevant training material or courses to them encouraging them to get involved.

Seek input

Listen to your employees!

Assuming what they want will only lead them feeling ignored or not considered by the business so, try to always keep them in mind and consult them.

If there’s a change that might be taking place see how your employees feel about this and if any feedback is provided where improvements can be made, make them.

Give them a break

The second most effective way of showing your appreciation to your employees is allowing them time to pause to rejuvenate their energy, motivation, and passion.

Working day in, day out can be unhealthy so, provide time for small breaks or other activities such as going for “walk and talk” with another colleague

You could even work out a system whereby for small wins employees can take a small break during the day and for larger wins, you could allow them to finish early or a holiday day to use.

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