Inspiration from June 2023

As a team full of designers, animators and content developers, we spend most of our time creating. Like all people, we too experience creative blocks and look for inspiration. Take a look at some of our design inspiration from June 2023 below!

Light creates new worlds into darkness by Hannu Huhtamo

My inspiration for this month is a Finnish photographer who enjoys mixing up light and exposure. It combines lights, torches and various other light sources, which is a technique I’ve seen used before. But I particularly liked how complex the styles throughout this were, creating nautical-looking patterns you might find in the abyssopelagic depths of the oceans!

Check out the full project!

Chosen by: Sheena

Department Store Eco-Friendly Campaign by Hyundai

There’s something about cartoons that always makes me happy. This campaign addresses a serious issue, but uses a playful style makes it a very un-stressful watch. It also made me think that creating training material for younger audiences would be a great project for Olano to work on – I would be volunteering to take that one!

View the project on Behance!

Chosen by: Rob


I loved this gallery from Shintaro Ohata as it really reminded me of my days back at university. The colours and styles used are really cool and made me feel like I’m dreaming. What also caught my attention was the mix of both 2D and 3D which is something I’ve always enjoyed about his style. It’s almost like his work intersects our reality as his “own world”!

See the full gallery.

Chosen by: Elena

YouTube Intro Video by Dinos & Teacups

I love everything about the little piece of animation. It’s short but sweet and packed full of amazing animation principles. The sound design really lifts everything and I find myself hypnotised by the movements and transitions, along with the colours. A great job all round by the team and Dinos & Teacups!

Chosen by: Ben

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