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Is training that nearly ticks the box, right for you?

Training is often treated like a box ticking exercise which means important business needs and creative elements can be missed.

So, what seems good in the sense of ticking all the boxes for the basic needs is actually still missing a lot of ticks regarding their company and learners.

Due to this outlook on learning, off-the-shelf training is a common option for companies to choose. This is where a course has previously been created, and multiple companies can pay to use it.

Courses surrounding accreditations or are legal requirements such as, Food Safety, Health & Safety, and GDPR commonly follow this format of presentation. No personalisation and lower engagement.

Olano operate on the premise of bespoke learning. We have recently worked on building bespoke content across a variety of the topics mentioned.

Using bespoke content has numerous benefits for both you as a company and your employees.

With these benefits being so broad, we wanted to share some of those with you that bespoke learning provides…

Higher engagement and content retention

With there being more creative freedom with bespoke content we can customise it to be both visually engaging and specific to your audience’s learning techniques. This will improve their attention to the course leading to higher information retention.

Training personalised directly to your business

Bespoke content means you can tailor content to relate to your business to help build a better understanding of it to your employees. Providing relatable scenarios that’ll guide them to a solution rather than an unrelated situation that would not correlate.

Brand alignment

Bespoke learning allows in the inclusion of your own branding, design, tone of voice and values in a creative manner. When included in the training, it further helps with relatability for the employees, as they will find it easier to include and identify these elements in everyday work.

Provides a competitive edge

Trying to be ahead of your competitors? Go bespoke! Development is key to employee retention so, providing good, relevant training is a way to increase these chances.

It allows flexibility within training

Off-the-shelf training isn’t designed to suit employees’ working day tasks, it cannot do this at it would be too specific and not cater for its full audience. However, with bespoke learning you can make content that fits to them and their working days.

Makes training more enjoyable

Learners can tell when you have provided off-the-shelf training. It’s often disengaging, expected, and lacks varied mediums, they might have even seen it before in a previous job. Bespoke content keeps learners on their toes, it makes it fun and more enjoyable!

It can be a better return on investment

For smaller businesses, off-the-shelf suits a small target group well.

However, once your audience grows and becomes a few hundred people, this is where bespoke learning should be considered.

This is due to the cost per person from off-the-shelf vs. the cost of developing and owning a one-off bespoke build.

We know what you’re thinking, “well, that sounds expensive!”. This is where you may be pleasantly surprised. A business like Olano can make bespoke, relevant training more attractive as an option. So why not explore the bespoke route with us?

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