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How to: Bring positivity to Health & Safety through learning

Today is the world day for Safety and Health at work. A day designed to emphasise the importance of the topic and bringing positivity around it.

Health and Safety is key in preventing accidents and injuries across many locations but, in particular at work.

There is a tendency for this topic to be difficult to communicate in an engaging and positive manner through learning. We have always aimed to combat this issue, turning complex topics into engaging and interesting content.

In response to today’s event, we wanted to share some of our top tips you can use to bring positivity to Health and Safety through learning. Let’s jump in…

Make your health and safety learning interactive

With the likes of Health & Safety where the content is heavy, it can become disengaging and dense for the learner to take in.

In these instances, interaction is a great solution.

Going through slide after slide with high amounts of text will fill the learner with dread rather than positivity. Add interactive scenarios, scenes, knowledge tests, games, and quizzes.

This helps make the topic of Health & Safety naturally more engaging and ensures the content is easier to absorb for the learner. They’re more likely to leave with a positive outlook if they have had a good learning experience.

Involve mixed media and formats

Similarly, to incorporate interaction within your learning, mixing up media and formats is just as important.

Presenting different information in different ways keeps the learner’s brain active whilst involving varied learning techniques.

Being inclusive with teaching helps motivate and build an individual’s morale up as it leaves no one excluded. So, whether you provide Health & Safety through classroom, blended or solely online training, consider variety in your delivery.

Include a video on manual handling, an animation of a potential hazard scenario, and a set of bullet points alongside voiceover on the DOs and DON’Ts of Health & Safety.

Break the topics down

Health & Safety is a topic made up of multiple modules, all of which are essential to preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace.

All of these elements must be communicated to employees to ensure maximum prevention is in place. However, the idea of tackling all these modules at once in learning can be daunting.

So, break them down.

Place them into bitesize modules that can be completed in a more flexible manner for the employee, where they’re able to take breaks and revisit previous modules.

This reduces the chances of boredom and increases the chances of a more positive and enjoyable view of the learning and the topic.

Emphasise the importance of health and safety

The importance of such a topic is of the highest priority within any workplace. This means any associated learning you provide needs to be held at the same priority.

Many training courses do not make clear the objectives, why they should be completed and the impact if they are not followed correctly.

Health & Safety is essential in protecting people’s lives. Therefore, if the knowledge isn’t kept up to date or kept in mind then those individuals and those around could be injured, or face even more severe consequences.

Throughout any learning ensure each module and the information links back to the objectives of the course. This will provide the learner with the understanding of the content which allows them to see how it helps their role and the positive impact it has knowing this information.

Encourage your employees to participate

Getting an employee of yours involved with learning often needs your encouragement.

As an employer it is your responsibility to help with this by providing that support and encouragement. Especially with topics like Health & Safety where there is a legal responsibility for the employer and the employees.

With this in mind, be positive, motivate and encourage them to do the learning. An attentive and happy manager will likely bring that same energy out of their employees.

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