6 benefits of Olano

Learning is important, therefore it is very important you have the right courses and training in place that benefits you.

As a company you want to have content created that fulfils your purpose and objectives. However, it must also be engaging the audience and increases information retention.

So, why work with Olano?

We create bespoke learning

Olano is not a company who reuse content or take it off the shelf. We are innovative in every project we undertake regardless of the topic.

With learning rapidly developing so, have the audiences’ needs. There’s not a “one solution fits all” response to learning. We focus on bespoke learning that suits your audience precisely. Understanding the content, your business and audience is imperative to the success of our work.

Off the shelf learning is often less effective, has lower engagement, and making the learning seem repetitive. Bespoke learning prevents this. We can build content that is visually engaging, fits the purpose whilst  being specific to your business.

We are specialists

Our team is built of experts, all with different experiences and knowledge backgrounds.

Having all worked in Learning & Development we have knowledge in a range of topics. We also keep ourselves updated with popular training topics so, we understand how to communicate this to learners.

A lack of knowledge and understanding of the industry often leads to outdated presentation, lack of clarity to the learner, and incorrect information. Being specialists in the field has benefitted the content we create, ensuring all needs are fulfilled.

We like to think about what we’d enjoy it as a learner. From this we can think outside of the box to create unique visuals and a variety of different learning mediums.

We are a small team based in the North

Not only is our team built of specialists but, we are also a compact team based in Sheffield, UK.

We like to ensure that any content created is always of high standard for the client a smaller agile team can quickly jump around from project to project.

Content can be forgotten or transferred between lots of different designers where the purpose could be lost in larger teams. By having a close-knit team, we all have particularly skillsets that may suit certain projects or elements of a project. We seek peer help to guarantee we have fulfilled the brief both with creativity and the right level of knowledge.

A trusted team with trusted knowledge.

We can support from the very start

We are not a company that ask you to come with a full plan in hand, we are here to support. To provide a helping hand!

Our team are built with a lot of learning & development knowledge as well as creativity. This means that if you present a course you want to change, create, or update, but are unsure how you wish to go about it we can work alongside you to build the concept, pitch it to a governance team or even showcase the benefits to your peers, before coming up with the content and design..

Our team can develop ideas, find the best way to present the content, and ensure that it stays to your companies’ branding. We don’t just design, we integrate our expertise in all fields to support the client.

We are a balanced team of inhouse designers and learning content writers

It’s not all about the build of the learning content but, also finding the right visual and design elements that benefits it.

You’ll sometimes find other companies fall short on the design side as they lack that knowledge, however, that’s not the case here at Olano. Our team is built of graphic designers, illustrators and motion graphic designers, they care just as much about the build as they do about the design.

In fact, they go above and beyond with design, creating innovative visual content and interactions that’ll keep the audiences’ attention.

We don’t work by the hour, we work to a brief

For many other companies who may provide similar services to ourselves they will often charge by the hour for the work they produce. We work slightly differently!

We work on a project-by-project basis so, rather than charging by the hour we work together to decide the content and product that needs to be built and charge a single project rate. This benefits businesses in a sense that they can not only budget more effectively but, it means the creativity is not limited by cost or time spent elsewhere in the project. We put in the extra time to ensure the end user gets enjoyment out of the product we create.

This being said our team work well to deadlines. You can be rest assured that if a little more time and attention needs to be spent on a project that the costs are not going to increase by the hour.

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