5 ways to ensure inclusivity within the workplace

In your work environment there needs to be inclusivity, a happy environment, and comfortable atmosphere for your employees.

Inclusivity is a major part of this, therefore, as a business, you should be aiming to support this and make sure your employees feel positive within their working environment.

This helps both you as a business and them as individuals. If an employee is feeling down and left out, then their performance is likely to reduce, motivation will drop, and in the worst-case scenario, they leave the company.

So, how can you prevent this from happening?

We’re sharing five ways you can ensure inclusivity within the workplace so, that your employees feel positive and always included…

Open up communication around inclusivity

Communication is key so, get talking!

This could be a daily catch-up, a feedback session, or a meeting. Essentially any contact which allows your employees to raise any concerns or queries they may have.

No matter how positive a workplace you have, there are likely to always be improvements that employees want to suggest, however, may not know the best way to raise the suggestion.

In this case, it’s your responsibility to provide that space! Listen and improve.

Ensure learning suits your employees’ needs

As businesses, you’ll likely have training in which most, if not all employees will need to partake. However, 60% of companies say their current learning platforms are not adequate.

To firstly resolve this, you need to make learning flexible, therefore, move to eLearning or online materials so, they can be carried out in more remote locations.

Secondly, consider people’s needs and learning styles. Does your learning fulfil what you need it to?

Being inclusive in learning is understanding that there is not a one size fits all solution . It’s time to reassess your current training and see if any changes are required!

Do not compare people’s progress

Do not compare people’s progress in work but rather reward any successes or achievements.

Inclusivity can be lost very quickly when employees feel they’re falling behind or that others are doing dramatically better than themselves. Comparing results will not promote productivity!

So, it’s better to uplift employees’ individual achievements and successes. This will allow them to feel valued without highlighting any comparisons between employees.

Hold team activities that encourage inclusivity

No one wants to feel distant from their team as this can lead to employees being isolated within the workplace.

Try to encourage work activities both in and outside of work to promote bonding and conversation amongst your team and workplace.

You could hold tea and talk time, quizzes, and fun activities at work then, outside of work hold socials where you go for dinner or go bowling.

Support those struggling

People struggling mentally, physically, or both are more likely to withdraw socially so, there needs to be support in place for these situations.

Possibly check in more regularly with those people, provide relevant resources to them, or find outside support they could use.

It might be that they do not wish to share these feelings so, be aware of this and hold meetings and/or regular one to ones to prevent any potential issues as best as possible before it reaches a more severe point.

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