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How to: support someone struggling with their learning

There are times where certain topics may be difficult to understand or an employee might just struggle with learning therefore, it’s important in these instances that extra support is available.

Our team always aim to work with you to make learning as understandable through visuals, simplification of topics, language, and symbolisations.

These all ease the learning experience for the audience, however, there are additional steps you can take to support a learner who might be struggling.

Regular check-ins

If an employee has recently joined your company or has a new training course, they need to partake in it is good to check in on them throughout the progression.

The benefit of online learning is that employee progression can be tracked very easily.  Whether it be an individual or group of employees involved try and pre-empt stages of completion and check in at those stages on a one-to-one basis.

By checking you provide an open line of communication for employees to share if they’re struggling.

Be proactive with your support

As an employer you’re able to track employees learning and at what point they’re at. So, be ahead of them having to ask and keep an eye on this.

If you see an employee is further behind than others or failing a particular quiz quite often then drop them a message or call to see if there’s anything happening.

Offer support, let them know you can help and check if they improve through tracking.

Provide flexibility

Not everyone learns at the same speed or in the same way! Keep this in mind whilst they’re learning and let them take it at their own pace.

Just because an employee might be taking longer to complete some e-learning doesn’t mean they are falling behind they might just need to take it slower.

They’re workload could be heavy, or they could just be going over a module again. Flexibility provides silent trust that they’ll complete the training and not constantly on their case.

Listen to your employees

It could be an employee approaches you to speak about their learning. If you’re not available at the time they make contact, then plan to chat and provide enough time to talk about it. Don’t ignore an issue or an employee. Their opinion counts and it’s important they feel listened to so, the correct support can be provided.

Give them your contact details for support

There’s nothing worse than needing support but, not knowing who to contact or how to contact them. Provide them with two lines of contact, perhaps a work email and phone number. Ideally, a contact for non-urgent situations and another for more urgent ones.

By letting them know you’re there to help will provide immediate support for the employee.

Try and keep it to work contacts, avoid using personal emails or numbers where possible!

Provide scaffolding

Scaffolding is basically additional support and resources.

In the case of e-learning or online training this could be printed materials that provide further activities or providing the learning in a format where written notes can be made.

However, it could also mean including explainer videos, visual symbolisations, or engaging graphics and animations that promote the retention of information to the learner. Either way take the steps by providing scaffolding in order to prevent employees struggling in the first place.

Olano work with you to promote an easy and enjoyable learning experience using varied tools.

Our Learning & Development experts will help guide you through the process of creation to ensure this is the case.

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