6 things designers love

Course content needs to be created very carefully, is high-quality, fulfils the company’s purpose, and includes engaging interactions for the learner; designers are there to support that.

This process takes time and a lot of thought from both the client and design team involved to provide the best solution for the audience.

Our experienced consultants and designers all have different ways of working to adapt to the project or client’s needs, which help them produce work of the highest standard.

With this in mind the team have come together to share six things they love when it comes to creating content. Let’s see what they had to say…

Creative freedom

Our designers love when they get the opportunity to have creative freedom. Although they appreciate clear design guidance and input from the project owner or subject matter expert (SME), it’s nice when it’s mixed up and a client takes guidance from us with the creativity on at least a few parts of the project.

Hearing, ‘We’ll let you take creative freedom with this part!’ is a designer’s dream!

Good communication

We understand that when building content, it’s a team effort! Not only within our own team but, also with the client.

To ensure a project runs smoothly and alterations are made when needed then good communication is key.

Prompt responses, clear instructions and updates are important and make it easier for everyone.

Give the designers a clear brief

Once a project and its purpose have been established, we then need to establish the brief for our designers, if this exists already then great! Otherwise, our experienced consultants will work with the subject matter expert(s) to build the right design brief which suits the project and its end solution.

Our designers are naturally proactive with their creativity; however, they want to hear what the client wants.

The more detail the better!

Realistic timescales

Timescales are essential to our designers, especially with them all being perfectionists!

We are happy to work to those tighter deadlines as we understand they can vary depending on the situation, however, it’s always good to be realistic with the amount of work needed to be done with the time available to do it.

Don’t try and compact too much in a small period! It only helps you by ensuring the quality and content is at your satisfaction. Remember that all projects need time for review at both the designer’s side and the client’s side. Therefore, to many asks within a short space of time will only reduce the time for review. Which can decrease the chance of succession and risk the project running past its milestones.

Designers love simplicity

We love to tap into our creative flair but, too much content on one page can lead to complications for the learner. Especially if there are language barriers or accessibility considerations.

When it comes to design less is more in most cases.

It’s ideal if a client understands this and keeps simplicity in mind when forming ideas for the project. Also consider that if we concentrate on the “less” then this will give more time for perfection.

Good colour palettes

Colours are central to strong branding but, are also crucial in design.

This doesn’t mean they need to perfectly blend, some strong contrasting colours if used effectively can really pop.

Think about your colour palette and how it would work. For our designers it’s one way to keep the learner’s engagement so, colour is key.

Most importantly, the sharing of creative ideas and proactive team discussions help us work well together and enjoy the job we do and the projects we work on.

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